Tangled Roots Celebrates Third Anniversary with Feb. 19 Beer Dinner

It seems like just yesterday when Tangled Roots first opened its doors. Now, we're celebrating three years! The celebration starts on February 19, with a special Third Anniversary Beer Dinner featuring Chef Broc's 5-course Dinner. Here's what's on the menu ... Beet au...

Amazing Footage from Starved Rock State Park

WQAD was able to capture some amazing footage from Starved Rock State Park, showcasing the seasonal waterfalls that have been freezing when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. WQAD is the ABC affiliate out of the Quad Cities.  You can find out more about them...

So, the Utica Winter Wine Walk is Sold Out … We’ve Got Your Backup Plans

Yes, the Utica Winter Wine Walk has sold out of their Food and Wine tickets. There is still plenty of fun to be had in Starved Rock Country, including watching the beautiful eagles and seeing what a little bit of the above 32 degree temps have done to the ice falls. We also have some back up plans for you as well.

The Big Game is on Sunday, but Something MEGA is on Saturday

So, yea, Tom Brady will win another Super Bowl on Sunday. You can say that’s pretty big. But, at Starved Rock State Park, something MEGA is happening on Sunday, February 2. It’s not football related, but you could say you’d see the Eagles.

Eagle Watch Weekend – January 26 and 27, 2019

Eagle Watch Weekend in the Starved Rock State Park area is an exciting time, a true celebration the majestic bald eagle.  With programs happening at Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center, the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center and Starved Rock State Park Visitor Center, you and your family will find enjoyable and informative programs that will increase your love of nature.

Top Five Places to See Bald Eagles in Starved Rock Country

It’s that time of year for bald eagle spotting. That is because when the Illinois River freezes over … a small area remains unfrozen (caused by the running water of Starved Rock Dam). This creates a fishing location for all of the bald eagles in the area. These five positions – no matter the temperature – should give you the best chance of seeing a bald eagle. (Keep in mind, there are no guarantees …)